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About us

K.W Engineering Services Ltd

For 23 years we have been the independent alternative to OEM services. We pride ourselves on being Diesel and Gas engine specialists that provide a service that is second to none.

Since it was established in January 1997 KW Engineering Services Ltd have been dedicated to the demands of its clients and has over the years built a reputation for experience, efficiency and quality in the supply of parts, service and overhaul of diesel and gas engines worldwide.

We have worked in conjunction with OEM's such as Paxman, Ruston and Blackstone and have completed major contracts for blue chip clients such as the MoD, Shell, BP the RFA and many others. We specialise in diesel and gas engines and all that they encompass, we recently acquired ETV Damper Services which specialise in the service and overhaul of torsional vibration dampers such as Holset, STE and Hasse and Wrede.

We have a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated workforce who are committed to customer satisfaction and client longevity.

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