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Paxman VP185

K.W Engineering Services Ltd are the leading Engineers on Paxman VP185 diesel engines.

We have been working on the 12VP185 since it was first designed at the Paxmans factory in 1993 and then on the 18VP185 after it was developed in 1998.

All off our engineers have worked in the MAN factory on the production lines for the VP185 on everything from individual component assembly all the way up to engine testing. It is here that they learned the in-depth system knowledge required to repair and maintain these engines to the highest possible standards.

Paxman VP185s are used in a variety of different applications for both power generation and propulsion. They are utilized on yachts, locomotives and in various utilities installations.

We have carried out overhauls and maintenance on these engines for our clients all over the world.


We are equipped with all the technical documentation and specialist tooling required to carry out everything from small services and fault rectification to complete engine overhauls and testing.

K.W Engineering Services Ltd also offer a bespoke Seal Service to our Paxman VP185 customers that will return the engine to its optimum running efficiency and identify any potential future problems. Read more.

We also stock a wide range of components and service parts for the VP185 see here.

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