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Service Work

K.W Engineering Services Ltd has worked all over the globe in an variety of different industries and environments. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any environment whilst maintaining an extremely high level of service and professionalism. 

Oil & Gas

We have worked offshore for many years and are well versed in the complexities of operating and maintaining engines and associated equipment offshore. We have over the years been called out for emergency breakdowns, fault diagnostics and scheduled overhaul work.

We have also supplied exchange overhaul kits to reduce expensive down time and reduce over-all costs during overhauls.


Above or below the water, we have worked on it. Everything from aircraft carriers to small work boats for wind farms, general cargo vessels to 150 meter super yachts, super seacats to chain ferries and both conventional and nuclear submarines.

Our experienced team of engineers have been all over the world to carry out fault diagnosis, corrective and preventative maintenance and complete overhauls on all of the above.


Banks, insurance companies and hotels in the city, pharmaceutical companies and utility sites further afield are all among our clients who rely upon our professional approach and fast response to maintain there back up power services. If its general servicing, breakdown, parts supply or planning maintenance schedules, we will be able to assist.


The Intercity 125 previously with the Paxman engine type RP200 and now the VP185 are both in our repertoire, we have worked on shunters in steel works and in overseas rail yards, we have supplied parts and service to rail preservation societies and enthusiasts. We have been called to carryout diagnostics on the move, and major failure rectification at the depot.  

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